What is our distinctive execution program/ methodology?

Success of initiatives depends on who is executing; you will experience the Humanettics methodology unfold as follows:

  • Upon understanding client needs, we choose internal teams within their organisation using our specialised tools, who demonstrate the ability to handle the complexity required in solution implementation.
  • The team is then trained for execution in both, background material as well as the specifics of the solution.
  • This training is sensitive to cross functional needs. It helps define work processes and recognize the actual authorities that people may bring to tasks.
  • Our experts directly engage in these initial trainings and remain personally involved throughout the process.
  • The partners remain responsible for achievements and timelines, in alignment with the project evaluation metrics agreed to at the start.

Benefits of this distinctive execution are significant

  • It creates an internal buzz and the final buy-in is naturally high.
  • The combination of client’s internal organizational knowledge and our expertise reduces course corrections significantly.
  • There is heightened sensitivity to functional challenges which has a positive impact on cohesion especially when functional teams are involved.
  • Higher problem solving speed is achieved and non-team members responding to the buzz often provide game changing ideas and solutions.

How do we help strengthen your organisational core?

  • The Humanettics distinctive execution program releases dormant internal energy within the client organisation encouraging many who are unable to contribute in these programs to communicate a desire to do so.
  • While our engagement nears completion, we train the new teams to be associated with future projects that may arise over time.
  • Participants of these end of engagement programs receive the same content in quality. (The content can however be broadened for wider skills, if you so wish.)
  • We provide licenses to use the materials after we have concluded the project and exited.
  • We build a ‘help network’ staffed internally, assisting teams to gain confidence.

The benefits of strengthening your core

  • Globally this approach has created 1000’s of practitioners and you will too within your own organisation.
  • For a project well done, your own people will be applauded, creating tremendous internal motivation.
  • It will have a positive impact on sustainability as the watchful eyes are now internal.