All people are born innovative, a fact quite easily inferred as you watch young children creating games with practically nothing. Why then do companies require a strong focus on innovation to compete in today’s world?

Competing and succeeding in today’s business world has toughened and with the growth of the organisation, its people must also grow. However, difficulties begin to arise around the many changes that they experience in the form of new ways of teaming to achieve goals or the designing of a system for innovation to prosper. Over time, this cements into formidable forces that become barriers to growth and innovation inside organisations. Organisational innovation and organisational change process thus must work in-sync.

Organisations that have successfully imbibed innovation as a core component of their culture and management processes have shown to prosper. Research too has demonstrated that culture is one of the most important features to nurture innovation. The creation of an “innovation-oriented corporate culture” is therefore of significance value.

Our methodologies towards business innovation consulting shall begin with –

  • Identification of barriers to innovation and opportunities to build it. These are two different yet integrative elements that require coordinated solutions. This is a two-week effort, the outcomes of which will inform the design of next stage.
  • We then engage in our ‘systems and symbols’ diagnostic to obtain more meaningful information by interacting with the key decision makers within the client organisation and understanding their perspective.
  • Upon completion of diagnostics and subsequent consideration by the leadership, we investigate any possible loose ends and begin with solution architecting.
  • We also assist in choosing from the options available by communicating each of their benefits, risks and time to execute.
  • Once the client has made their choice, our distinctive execution kicks in, specialized in long-term orientation.

The next steps of the organisational creativity and innovation change process are subjective to client needs.