Most organisations lack a people theory that integrates the entire spectrum of people systems. Such a methodology allows for the prediction of how change in one element triggers a behavioural change in another – for example, if your organisational structure changes, how will it alter your culture or how changes in the bonus model will alter behaviour in a separate business group.

Some of the initiative we undertake to help our clients are as follows:

The board of a company and its top leadership wish to build a superior people organisation as a core competitive advantage; hence, it must be able to predict performance with a high degree of certainty, sometimes decades forward. Humanettics brings its tools to be able to deconstruct ‘potential’ and move it from an opinion of past performance to future predictability. This demands a versatile framework, strong forward correlation, consistent internal language and a cultural shift to accept metrics around potential. The need

The need of an organization is to choose its best people for growth and development as measured by an assessment of good recent performance and the demands of predictable future roles. We use our established ‘complexity’ models to design your in-house assessment systems, enable your proficiency and leave behind an I.P license for its use. ‘Tasking’ of subordinates or peers loses companies crores every year in

‘Tasking’ of subordinates or peers loses companies crores every year in delayed program, poor quality and motivation. The real problem is that these costs stay hidden and employee surveys are an insufficient answer. A more appropriate approach would be to transform it to the way ‘things are done around here’. A Humanettics specialty, we begin with a 2-3-day workshop to help people understand the overall materials, followed by our signature ‘Working Together’ programs. We ask for a top-down approach because how else will leadership appreciate the change? This is one of our best behaviour change programs.

Making many of these works may require supportive changes such as how roles are written, or how a structure needs to be imagined. Humanettics will work with your teams to make these happen and create internal capability.