We work with leadership in responding to issues that compromise growth such as poor systems and incompatible behaviour or with ideas of change such as extracting the full benefit from your business models by aligning the organisation to deliver value.  Case Studies

Our engagement is likely to begin with –

  • Developing a viability paper outlining the potential areas of focus as the need for growth can be complex and involves varied causes. This can take a week or two and involves one to one meetings with business leaders and sometimes a day long workshop.
  • Building deeper insights around the challenges to growth. These insights are based on what people see as issues, the strategy deployed, people’s understanding of the demands placed on them, the systems and conflicts that exist across functions and levels and businesses that compromise this growth. A review of organisational energies reveals competitive pressures and opportunities.
  • Crafting of solutions often deals with problems that are shifting in character given the lens you may view from. Since a single magical answer is rare, we discuss multiple options and help decide on the optimum choice.
  • Once an informed choice has been made, we will begin by training your internal teams to work with us, which is essential to a strong and meaningful execution that significantly reduces failures of change.
  • You will experience expertise and maturity of our consultants in running complex mandates.

The next steps are subject to specific client needs and will incorporate timelines for execution.