Humanettics works from a theoretical base that informs both our diagnostic work and the practical advice to clients on all aspects of organisational development consultancy. We constantly improve our practices by testing our theories and models through our work with clients which often result in ground-breaking learnings or completely new understanding of organisational issues. Explore our Case Studies to know more.

These new models, techniques and tools form part of the Humanettics’ Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Additionally, in our continued search for best practice, we develop relationships with other consultancies, academicians and informed users who are themselves developing new theories and models about the workings of organisations. This gives us an access to a broader base of IPR which, in turn, provides our clients with the most comprehensive, current and effective approaches to organisational and management consulting and problem solving. We take the issue of IPR seriously and do all that we can to protect our interest and those of our partner organisations.

A particularly good example of how we have been able to greatly enhance our own practice is through our relationship with Macdonald Associates Consultancy (MAC) in the UK. It is clear to us that much of the strength of other consultancies lies in the commercial and technical areas that relate to change. A significant weakness, however, is a general lack of understanding about the impact of change on people or the broader social processes in play.

MAC’s and our approach is based on Systems Leadership Theory (SLT) aimed at creating and sustaining positive change and productive behaviors thus enabling individuals to work to their full potential. This will only come about where there is a well-developed set of models and practical tools that can reduce or eliminate those aspects of organisational life that prevent people from giving their best. This requires continual attention by the leadership in several distinct/key areas.

The advantage of the Humanettics/MAC approach is that a single set of theories, models and tools obtained from them can explain why people behave the way they do and what changes in the organisational tree are needed to encourage superior organisational performance with more positive and productive behaviors.